Gyumri Ceramics

Inspired by the know-how of the Armenian potters of Kütahya


The prestigious “Gallery de la Tour” in Lyon located at the “Maison de la Tour Rose” (XVI century) recently held a two-month exhibition-sale of unique pieces pf ceramics made by the craftsmen of Gyumri using the know-how of Armenian craftsmen from Kutahya, a major center of ceramic production in the Ottoman Empire during XVI-XIX centuries.

The exhibition was initiated by Muscari, an association for the promotion of Armenian and French cultural heritages and its president Manoug Pamokdjian.

This event was orginized as part of global project aimed at the promotion of the economic and artistic prowess of Gyumri, inititated by Antonio Montalto, Honorary Consul of Italy, and the Pamokdjian family. Antonio Montalto and his “Family Care” association are behind the considerable effort for the restoration of ancient buildings at the heart of the historical center of Gyumri, such as Villa Kars, which has been converted to a magnificent and charming hotel.

The Muscari Association plans to establish several Armenian Houses (les Maisons d’Armenie), centers for the distribution and promotionof Armenian crafts across France and Italy.

In addition to the unique nature of the presented items, the goal of the exhibition, which will tour various European cities throughout 2017, is to use art as a way of reviving Gyumri, a city devastated by a powerful earthquake in 1988 as well as continued eonomic crisis.

In addition to the Muscari association, these events are also supported by “Family Care” and the “Friends of Gyumri” associations.


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