About Our Ceramics

About Our Ceramics

Our handcrafted hand painted Ceramics are a type of earthenware made of clay from specially scouted locations in Armenia, and are hand painted. Ceramic techniques are taken from age-old traditions of ceramics first appearing in Armenia as pottery more than 6000 years ago. Decorated ceramic ware can be traced to the Arshakuni (4th c BCE-1st c) and Bagratuni eras (7th-11th cc), the latter when fine china was imported into the area from China and Mongolia using the Silk Road.

Armenian artisans first emulated and then created new styles in ceramics, many of which are on display in museums throughout the world. Like its sister art form, carpets and kilims, ceramics can be traced to the region, and local traditions and designs impact on world art are exquisite and enduring.

Today this artistic tradition goes on in workshops where talented craftsmen and artists create wonderful hand painted Ceramics. The majority of designs created on the Family Care groups originated from the medieval period and their designs borrowed from Armenian manuscript patterns and images.

Our workshops are small, and the tradition we have established will be handed down from generation to generation. The ancient patterns are reproduced according to tradition and experience.

Through study and constant experimentation, we search for the ideal expressions to translate the stimuli around us, large and small, into objects that uncover the shapes, colors and moods from within the world. We try to do this honestly and without discrimination.

Our every-day is a fusion of sure and unsure circumstances, an infinite world of technical precision and mistakes, hard work and delusions, simplicity and happiness. For us, nothing is more lovely.

Ceramic Design is about designing for our everyday through a specialist knowledge in an infinitely transformable material, that can be both functional and delicate at the same time. It is one of the most grounded (literally – its dug up from the earth) materials and one of the most useful.

Ceramic Design is three dimensional thinking. It is also one of the oldest industries in the world: after early man killed the woolly mammoth, they had to make pots in which to cook and eat it!

A new addition to our dozens of design types is a heretofore forgotten technique that emerged in the early medieval period and achieved fame through Armenian artists in Anatolia. The swirl design and incredible attention to detail of this blue on white type is hard to fathom except on close inspection, when the enormous effort and skill required to make each of these limited edition designs becomes apparent-this is skill of enormous talent, museum-quality specimens that show the abilities of Family Care Craft Centers. 

Our ceramics designers work with clay, porcelain, bone china and stoneware to design and create pottery items, sculptures, home ware (i.e. tiles and flooring), tableware and cookware. These artists don’t just make these pieces though; they also glaze, paint and decorate the finished products.